Due to increased demand caused by COVID-19, we will not be processing pigs or deer at this time. Follow us on Facebook and check our website for any changes.

Welcome “Down” Home!

Chris England started getting involved with the agriculture industry in 1995 when he purchased a 225-acre farm in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Soon he started raising cattle to provide his family with a better alternative to store-bought meats. After years of eating his own high quality, farm-fresh beef, he decided to open a processing facility to provide the people of East Tennessee with a place to cleanly process their beef as well as a source of farm fresh meat. During construction of the plant, he worked with the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure the facility exceeded all requirements for sanitary meat processing. Down Home Processing opened for business in 2015 and has been processing beef and pork for both USDA inspection and custom use as well as seasonal deer processing. We also sell whole & half animals as well as beef and pork for sale by the pound. Down Home Processing along with the farm is owned and operated by Chris and his children.

Animal Welfare Approved

Following a review on May 26th 2021, Down Home Processing is recommended by AWA for the slaughter of beef cattle from AWA farms

Down Home Processing