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Chris England started getting involved in the agriculture industry in 1995 when he purchased a 225-acre farm in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Soon he started raising beef cattle to provide his family with a healthier, cleaner, & higher quality alternative to store-bought meats. After years of eating his own farm raised beef, Chris decided to construct a processing facility on his farm to provide local farmers & families with a sanitary and quality place to process their beef. Chris also wanted to be able to offer his beef to people of the local area, so during construction of the plant he worked with the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure the facility exceeded all requirements for sanitary meat processing of a USDA inspected facility. Down Home Processing, Inc. officially opened for business in 2015 processing Beef, Pork, & Deer as well as offering a wide selection of beef and pork products. Today, after operating through the COVID-19 pandemic, Down Home Processing mainly focuses on beef processing and is still owned and operated by The England Family.