Down Home Farms Tazewell TN

Before Down Home Processing opened for business, Chris England had owned and worked on his farm for about 25 years. Today, Down Home Farms’ main priority is raising beef and hogs to provide fresh, locally grown meat to the people of East Tennessee. All of the corn and hay that is fed to our animals has been grown on our family owned farm.

Down Home Beef

Down Home Farms currently has a herd of about 75(and growing) Black Angus Beef. When cattle are born, the spend their days freely roaming our local farm and feeding on our locally grown corn, hay, and grass. Our entire herd is 100% free of hormones and antibiotics. While our preference is to grain finish our beef about 3 months before slaughter, we do have some beef that are completely grass fed. We are proud to say that from the time they are born until they are ready for you to eat, our Black Angus Beef never have to leave our family owned and operated farm.

Down Home Hogs

While Beef are our main focus at Down Home Farms, we definitely have not forgotten the hogs. Just like our beef, our hogs are born, taken care of, and slaughtered all on our family farm. They are also fed corn, grass, and hay from our farm. Our hogs are also completely free of all hormones and antibiotics. 

Buying from Down Home Farms

We have sets of beef and pigs that are ready for sale at various points throughout the year. Since we both raise and process the animals, Down Home Processing & Farms can offer much more convenience than others. If you are interested in purchasing a whole, half, or quarter of an animal all you have to do is give us a call. We will choose an animal closest to what you are looking for, schedule it for slaughter, and then process it to your specifications. This process could not be easier for you. With a few phone calls, one trip to our office, and only one overall check, you can have your freezer full with all the beef and pork you need. If you have any questions regarding pricing or any other questions about our farm feel free to give us a call or send us an email.