USDA Processing

We have been a USDA certified and inspected processing plant since 2015. Currently we have USDA inspectors on site 2-3 days a week. USDA processing is a popular option for many local farmers who like to sell their meat at farmers markets, to local restaurants, etc.

USDA Services

Our services for USDA processing are the same of those for custom processing. Appointments can be made to deliver animals on Tuesday for slaughtering on Wednesday. You will fill out a cut sheet with one of our experienced butchers. Your beef or hog will be aged in our cooler, then processed to your specifications, vacuum sealed, frozen, and boxed. When it comes to labeling we have a couple addition services for USDA customers. The label will still include the cut of meat and the weight, just as the custom processing, but if your meat is processed under USDA inspection, our official USDA stamp will also be printed on the label. Since many USDA customers sell their meat, we offer to put a price on your package. When you give us your cut sheet, you can give us a list of prices per pound of each cut and that price will be included on the label for no extra charge. For our more established USDA customers, we can include your logo at the top of your label. There is a fee for this that varies but it is on average around a one-time $200 charge. If you are interested in having your logo on our label, you will need to let us know when you schedule your appointment to ensure your logo is when your meat is to be processed.

USDA Pricing

USDA costs are made up of a $50 Kill Charge and $0.70/lb of the carcass weight for processing. For a complete list of pricing and services please open the link below.