Custom Processing

Whether you have raised an animal to feed your family or you are a cattle farmer with many hungry customers, we are able to provide the highest quality custom processing. We take animal deliveries on Tuesdays to be slaughtered on Wednesday morning. Animals are taken by appointment only. You can call our office to schedule an appointment.

Custom Services

When you bring an animal to us to be processed, you will begin by filling out a cut sheet while speaking to one of our butchers to ensure all of your questions can be answered. After slaughtering, your animal will age in our cooler. Hogs will hang in the cooler for 2 days while beef will be aged anywhere from 8-14 days. Next, the meat will be processed in our sanitary processing room according to the order given on your cut sheet. Every cut of meat will be vacuum sealed, labeled, weighed, and then frozen. After the meat has completely frozen, it will then be boxed for a quick and easy pick up experience. You will then receive a call from us letting you know your meat is ready for pick up.

Custom Pricing

Pricing for custom processing consists of a $40 Kill Charge and $0.60/lb of the carcass weight for processing. For a complete list of pricing and services, please open the link below.